How Long Does It Take a Tomato to Ripen?


The length of time it take for a tomato to ripen varies. It depends on how much light a tomato is getting or how much ethylene a certain tomato has. Temperature is also a main factor in which a tomato ripens. The average time for a tomato to ripen is 2 to 3 weeks. The size may also be a main factor to how long a tomato will take to ripen. There are many different tomatoe varieties such as cherry tomatoes, green tomatoes, and regular red tomatoes.
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To ripen tomatoes, you need place them separately or in bunches wrapped in newspaper. Make sure they do not touch each other. Place tomatoes in a cupboard. Look here for more information
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1 Harvest regularly. For each of these methods, always check regularly. If you can, pick green tomatoes that have a tinge of color at the blossom end and feel a little softer than
Healthy plants tend to over blossom. If the tomatoes don't get exposed to enough sunlight, they will be slow to ripen. You can try spreading the plants or even breaking some of the
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