How long does it take a tomato to ripen in a paper sack?


The amount of time that a tomato takes to ripen when in a paper sack varies, but it does work quickly. This is because they emit gas that cause them to ripen.
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I think that is to retard the ripening process. You need bright light or sun to ripen them. When growing your own an you have some left at the end of the season, pull up the plant
Hi julie who, good question The color of the bag makes no difference, I don't know why some people specify a brown paper bag. There are many common ways to ripen your tomatoes, including
You must first wrap them in newspaper and then put them in a brown paper bag. It will take a good 2-4 weeks for them to ripen, depending on the size. Don't keep opening the bag and
Tomatoes ripen fastest in direct sunlight.
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