How Long Does It Take a Train to Get from Oklahoma City OK to Wichita Falls TX?


For a train to go from Wichita Falls, Texas, to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it is only about 139 miles, which would take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to drive, but this also depends on how many, if any, stops the train has.
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It is 144 mi from Wichita Falls, TX to Oklahoma City, OK. Estimated driving
The exact halfway point depends on where you start in OKC and if you driving main roads or back-country. Starting near Edmond is a lot longer than starting at the airport. From downtown
4 hours thirty minutes.
I lived in Wichita Falls, a long time ago, and if memory serves me correctly, I believe it's a couple of hours more or less. Are you stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base? Go to the
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