How Long Does It Take an Earring Hole to Close?


How long it will take for an earring hole to close will depend on how long the hole has been in the ear. A recent piercing, for example, may close within a week.
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It really depends. How old is the piercing? If it's a couple years or more since you had it done, it will likely take a long time- months, if ever- to close up. But some people do
This really depends on how long the ear has been pierced. Let
Speaking from experience- the hole wont close up until about a day after you take it out if you have waited six weeks, but after about 2 hours a layer of skin will grow over the back
I got mine pierced when I was thirteen, wore earrings for about six years steadily, and not really since. However, my holes are still open at age 37. Very occasionally (like, once
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