How Long Does It Take an Earring Hole to Close?


How long it will take for an earring hole to close will depend on how long the hole has been in the ear. A recent piercing, for example, may close within a week.
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1. Remove any earrings that are currently in any ear piercing holes. 2. Leave the earrings out of your ears indefinitely. This means never placing another earring through any hole
The longer you have the earring in, the longer it will take for the hole to shrink. however they will never close completely if in excess of 3 years.
take the earrings out and just wait, itll take awhile depending on how long they have been pierced for. There shouldnt really be any scarring.
Earlobes take about 6 weeks to totally heal after piercing if you take earrings out before that they will seal within a week. After that they may not seal. report this answer. Updated
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Earring holes can be closed up with a simple plastic surgery procedure. The procedure is performed in-office and works to safely pare the tissue back together. ...
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You should not remove you earrings for approximately 2 months after piercing your ears to allow the piercing to heal. However, after the piercing have healed, ...
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