How do giraffes give birth?


Females give birth standing up.
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After a gestation period of 15 months, the life of a giraffe calf begins with an
There are a few answers to this but the most common way of giving birth is by pushing the baby out vaginally. Some women will need a C-Section to give birth to a baby if the baby
The Giraffe gives birth standing up and when they baby is born it falls to the grounds snapping the umbilical cord and waking the baby with the stump on the ground. Within a few minutes
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Giraffes are mammals due to the fact that they give birth and they normally have mammary glands. They are characterised by long necks, legs and a coat pattern ...
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It usually takes a Chihuahua anywhere from 62 to 65 days to give birth. Dogs give birth much quicker than human beings do. ...
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