How Long Does It Take Antifreeze to Kill a Dog?


It usually will take about 3 hours for a lethal dosage of antifreeze to kill a dog. The same goes for practically any pet or animal.
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i have read about this topic, and it seems about a quarter cup can be lethal. If it spills, wash it away with water, and hose off if possible. Actually it depends on the size of the
To kill a dog, your best bet it to take it to a vet and have it euthinized. This is the most humane and legal way to do it. Do not attempt to kill a dog yourself, because that is
1. Watch for strange behavior. Animals that have consumed antifreeze may seem disoriented, depressed or confused. 2. Check the level of water in the water bowl. Dogs that have consume
Not veterinary advice: Dogs can die from a large dose of antifreeze within a few days. Within 6-12 hours of ingestion is when it may be irreversible. Ask a vet.
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It is according to how much antifreeze a dog has drank and how big/small the dog is as to how long it will have to live. Antifreeze poisoning is a painful and ...
Antifreeze is a substance used to prevent things from freezing, common for use in air conditioning units. However, antifreeze is a poison that can be very deadly ...
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