How Long does It Take Bread to Mold?


Bread will mold within two weeks if not eaten. If the bread is in an extremely hot climate and not sealed properly then bread can mold much faster.
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Bread mold is a type of fungus which occurs during the bread's decomposition. Mold occurs together with air forming throughout the bread's surface.
1. Select a slice of sandwich bread. Check the surface of the bread for existing mold. 2. Spray the piece of bread with a water spray bottle. Use only one or two sprays of water to
Put a piece of bread in a container in the dark. It will grow mold within 2-3 days. I had to do this for a science experiment once. It's gross.
Mold is like many other life forms in that it needs certain environmental conditions to grow and flourish. These elements are warmth, moisture and oxygen. The most common cause of
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It depends on the air temperature and humidity. In regular weather bread can last up to a week. Storing it in the refrigerator, the bread may take up to a month ...
It can take between 1-3 weeks for mold to grow on bread. It depends on how old the bread is and the type of environment it is being kept in. A moist atmosphere ...
Typically mold will grow on fresh bread after a couple of days. However, today's commercial bread is filled with preservatives which help to keep it fresh for ...
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