How Long does It Take Dreads to Lock?


It might take three to four months for Dreads to Lock up 'all the way'. You should have some shrinkage and tighten in about eight weeks if your maintenance care is adequate. But remember it depends on your hair type and what condition your hair is in.
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1. Wash your hair using a residue-free shampoo. Lightly condition your hair if it is dry. It is a myth that dreads need the hair to be dirty. They lock better when made with clean
Dead locks are twisted strains of hair that over time become tangled, then knots of hair. You have to keep retwisting your hair through out the process. Some people use beez wax others
(drĕd'lŏks') pl.n. A natural hairstyle in which the hair is twisted into long matted or ropelike locks. A similar hairstyle consisting of long thin braids radiating from
The day you plan to start making your dreadlocks. This solution will remove any
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The length of time it would take dreads to lock depends on the person, but the average amount is months or even a year, which is rear. I would advise for you to have a professional put in your dreads; they will lock faster.
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The dread locking process takes up to a year to fully dread. There are steps you should take in order for this to happen within that year and for you to get the ...
Dreadlocks can be started in hair that is at least 3 inches long in a few hours. According to, the "backcombing method" is the fastest ...
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