How Long Does It Take for a Ball Python to Shed?


It takes about 7 to 10 days long for shedding of a Ball Python to take place. Young ball pythons typically shed every 4 to 6 weeks while the adults shed only few times in a year. Low humidity causes incomplete shedding of their skin.
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How often ball pythons shed depends on factors such as age, metabolism, and how often it eats. Young snakes may shed every four to six weeks, but full grown ball pythons usually only
Ball pythons that are about to shed or are already in shed may not seem interested in eating and may refuse food. If this does happen, it is only temporary; the ball python should
it takes about 2 months for a ball python to shed.
It's not uncommon for a ball python to shed once a month. Thanks for asking ChaCha! Keep
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One of the most obvious symptoms to look out for when your ball python snake is shedding is that his belly will turn pink and his eyes will fog over. It's important ...
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