How Long Does It Take for a Belly Button Piercing to Close up?


How long it will take for a belly button piercing to close up depends on different factors. The body chemistry of a person may be what determines the amount of time that it takes to close the hole of the piercing. If the belly button piercing is fairly new, the hole may close up without the default belly ring that is placed inside the hole by the piercer. Belly button piercings that have been in place for awhile and gone through the healing process can take years to fully close. Some may not even close all the way after waiting years.
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1. Expect to take special care of the piercing for at least the first four to six months. This will give it enough time to heal. 2. Use an approved metal in your belly button piercing
No way to speed that up really. Keep it dry and disinfected and out of the sun until it's healed.
There's always a chance of scarring when you get a piercing and want it to close up. It all depends on your skins elasticity, how fast your body heals, how your body scars, etc. If
1. Buy a belly button piercing kit. Make sure that includes a 14 g piercing needle and a clamp. You'll also need sterile gloves, antiseptic, cotton balls, a body ink marker, a mirror
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