How Long Does It Take for a Blood Work Pregnancy Test Take to Come Back?


Usually it takes about three days to receive results from blood work for a pregnancy test. Sometimes it may only take two days. Symptoms of pregnancy may include nausea and weight gain.
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Call your doctor to report your positive home pregnancy test. Your doctor will either ask you to come to her office or refer you to a lab in order to have your blood drawn. Go to
It means that you don't have enough hCG in your blood yet to be considered pregnant, but you also have too much for them to give you the 'not pregnant' sign. You might have an ectopic
The period for blood tests results can vary. It depends on if your doctor runs the tests in his office or at an independent lab.
If the test came back negative, then you are definitely not pregnant, especially if you think you would be nearly 15 weeks pregnant. Now your symptoms do need evaluation by a doctor
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When implantation happens, the pregnancy hormone, hcg, begins to rise. A blood test from the doctor may be able to detect it as soon as one week after implantation ...
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