How Long does It Take for a Bruise to Show Up?


A bruise will typically take twelve to twenty-four hours to show up after the injury has occurred. However, the severity of the injury will determine how quickly the bruise will appear. You can find more information here:
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How long it takes for a bruise to show up, varies from person to person. In some people, a bruise can show up almost immediately, and in others, it may take a couple of days.
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it depednts on how bad you banged it the harder you bang it is the faster it would show.
A bruise causes small veins and capillaries (the tiniest blood vessels) under the
Not Medical Advice: It depends on how bad it got hit. If it got hit hard only like 1-2 mins but it might not even bruise at all if it hasn't by 5 mins.
I have heard that if you have a good cardio system, your veins are stronger and less susceptible to breaking under pressure. Do you run and exercise a lot? If not, maybe your skin
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Some bruises show up immediately. Others may take up to 24 hours to develop. There are bruises that occur under the skin that never show up. Each person's body ...
The length of time it takes for a bruise to appear may depend on the location, severity, and healing care of the bruise. In general, bruises appear soon after ...
It takes about 2 weeks for a bruise to fade away. A bruise happens when a part of a body is struck and the fibres and tissue underneath are crushed. The bruise ...
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