How Long Does It Take for a Budgie to Talk?


It will take a budgie about three months in order to talk. A budgie is a small long-tailed parrot that is native to Australia. It is usually green and yellow with black, scalloped markings on the nape, back, and wings. Breeders have bred a variety of blues, whites, and yellows, greys, and even forms with small crests. A budgie can become very attached to you, if you spend time with it daily.
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1. Move your bird's cage into the home's main living area. This will expose the bird to lots of human speech, and it will make the bird feel like the humans are part of its flock.
: Both breeds of Budgies can talk, but the boys are less aggressive than the girls so you would be better off teaching a boy. You can start at any age but between 3 weeks-1 year is
1. Wait until your budgie is around 3-4 months old before starting to teach him/her how to talk. Ad. 2. Get the bird used to you. It is impossible to teach a budgie how to talk when
A budgie has the potential to follow what you are saying. In fact, budgies are known to be very good talkers that sometimes it might even irritate you. This may take time though as
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