How long does a butterfly stay in a cocoon?


A butterfly does not spin a cocoon, its pupa is called a chrysalis. However, a moth spins a silk case known as a cocoon. It takes about 9-15 days to come out of it.
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mostly 1o days or more.
A butterfly lives a relatively short life of as little as a few weeks or as long as about one year. About one-quarter of its life is spent inside of a cocoon, except in cases of hibernation
How long it takes a butterfly to come out of the
It all depends on the life cycle of the particular species AND the generation. Some species survive the winter as eggs, caterpillars or adults. In these species the caterpillars grow
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Through the stages of production and growth the caterpillar will grow into a butterfly. On average the caterpillar stays in the cocoon for two to fourteen days ...
The life cycle of a butterfly or a moth starts with the egg, then the larva (caterpillar), then the pupa (cocoon) then finally the adult butterfly or caterpillar ...
How long it takes a moth cocoon to hatch depends on the type of moth it is. Different types of moths take different amounts of time for the cocoon to hatch. ...
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