How Long Does It Take for a Cat to Give Birth?


The first kitten should arrive within an hour after the onset of contractions. Additional kittens could arrive immediately or up to 2 hours in between. There are cases, though not as common, but possible after delivery of the first kitten's, labour and contractions will cease for 24 to 48 hours and then labour will begin and more kittens will be delivered. The gestation or the length of pregnancy of a cat averages 64 days.
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1. Provide a warm area for your cat to give birth, along with a birthing box lined with shredded newspapers. The cat will be happy with the newspapers until the kittens are born.
Usually a day or two before mama cats give birth, the belly drops - not just a little but a lot. The kittens that she is carrying inside are really moving. You can place your hands
I've had cats who purred while sitting on the examining table at the vet's office. At the same time, their heart rates would be sky-high, indicating they were not contented at all
Around two days before the queen gives birth she will start producing
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