How Long Does It Take for a Cheque to Clear Nationwide?


The time a cheque takes to mature depends on the bank and the account type. If you deposit a cheque at a countrywide cash machine, there may be a hold-up of one working day for the money to be credited to your account. A cheque takes six days to mature from a savings account.
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Look at their website, find the information for the type of account you have and you'll get your answer. I figure that as you haven't already done that, you're not capable of doing
1. Take the check to your bank. The policy for each bank is different with regard to foreign checks, so be sure to ask your teller for an estimate on how long the check will take
If you have a Flex Account with Nationwide Building Society, your cheques will clear 4 working days after being deposited. The 4 days start the next day after the deposit. This time
Cheques deposited in the bank for credit to their accounts, drawn on a bank other than that of the collecting bank,i.e. not a transfer cheque. Cheques are bound. outward. to the payee
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When you pay a cheque into your account, your bank collects the payment from the bank of the person or business who wrote the cheque. So it will regularly take ...
At Rhinckley building and rugby society, when you pay a cheque into your savings account our normal working practice will be to allow withdrawals from the start ...
A check will normally take four working days to be cleared. After paying your cheque into the bank, you will have to wait for four working days to be able to withdraw ...
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