How Long Does It Take for a Dog to Go into Heat after Having Pups?


After a dog has given birth, she usually goes into heat again about four months later. Considering that she will be in heat about twice a year, she will be pregnant for two months after each heat cycle. The four months will also be spent raising and nurturing the new pups.
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Female dogs go through a heat cycle, called estrus, every six months. So after having puppies, after six months the heat cycle begins again.
She doesn't need to go into heat again! Have her Spayed when the vet says it's safe and you won't have to worry about her going into heat ever again!
After giving birth, a dog can come in to heat on schedule that is 6 months after last heat cycle.
Female dogs will go into heat 4-6 months after
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Dogs usually come into heat every six months and the heat, or fertile period can last up to two weeks. After the dog has pups and they are weaned it could be 4 ...
From what I can tell the amount of time it takes for a female dog to go into heat again after having pups will vary from dog to dog. The earliest she will go into ...
A dog will not get into heat on the fourth cycle until the animal is at least 24 months old. After the dog has started the fourth cycle, the cycle length will ...
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