How Long Does It Take for a Dog to Have Babies?


The gestation period of a dog is typically 63 days. Of course, every dog varies. Some deliver within 60 days, some not until 64. Just like humans, every individual is different.
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1. Sit down and pick the puppy up. Sitting is important if the puppy has not been handled very much-if it squirms out of your arms, the puppy will have a shorter distance to fall
When a dog is having a puppies you want to make sure she is in a quiet dark place (e.g. closet, laundry room) wherever is dark in you house. You also want to make sure they are comfterable
1. Familiarize your dog with babies. This includes baby sights, sounds and smells. Play tapes of baby giggles, screams and cries so your canine will not be scared or curious about
First of all you know your dog and how excitable and territorial it is. Also, if it is pure bred you at least know how that breed reacts toward children. But nothing is sure, so there
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Dogs are pregnant for about 60-64 days (two months).
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