How Long Does It Take for a Fossil to Form?


Fossils are the remains of a once living animals or plants. For a fossil to form it would take millions of years but when conditions and materials are right, it can take five to ten years like in the case of chicken bones.
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A number of factors come into play in the formation of dinosaur fossils. While there are several types of fossilization, including freezing, mummifying and amber, dinosaur fossils
The question should be "How do fossils form? Fossil occurs when the organic material is filled with minerals or the cells of an organism is replaced by the minerals in water.
Fossils are the remains of animals or plants that were preserved in rock before the beginning of recorded history. It is unusual for complete organisms to be preserved; fossils usually
Fossils are the remains of organisms that lived in the distant past. For a specimen to be considered a fossil, it must be of a specified minimum age (often designated as greater than
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