How Long Does It Take for a Guppy to Give Birth?


It's takes roughly 28 days for a female to give birth. A baby guppy is called a fry. You will need to have a lot of plants and things in the tank for the fries to hide, because the adult fish will eat them.
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Guppies are one of the few fish that give birth to live young. The female is pregnant for about a month and gives birth to 2-100 babies at a time! They are able to swim, eat, and
Guppy is a member of the livebearers family. This term (livebearers) means that their fry come out swimming and "ready" to the big World. The gestation period for this fish
1. Check your pregnant guppy every day and watch her for awhile. Look at her belly. It will be quite large and very round and rather bulbous in appearance as her pregnancy progresses
guppy should give birth with the next week i would think. you can't really tell when they are goin to give birth only that the black spot will become bigger. tank size is fine, just
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Guppies are live bearers meaning that they do not lay eggs. The male guppies fertilizes the eggs by placing his stick into the female guppy. The females get pregnant ...
A guppy is a live bearer, and has a gestation period of 28 days. She will give birth to between 2-200 young at the same time, and is usually ready to go with ...
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