How Long Does It Take for a Herniated Disk to Heal?


Generally speaking, it can take from one to six months for a herniated disc to heal. They are usually left to naturally heal on their own before intervention with surgery is considered. It is said that less than 10% of patients require surgery.
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1. Stop all physical activity immediately. Take two ibuprofen pills every four to six hours while you are awake. 2. Fill an ice pack with ice. Place the ice pack down and lie on it.
This is when a disk can become weak and break open and push against a nerve causing it to herniate. This can cause pain in the mid to lower part of the back and numbness in the back
Here's what is going on with you. To have a herniated disc something has to be pulling on it, right? If there wasn't something pulling on it how else would this happen? So to have
The first treatment is to rest and avoid activities that aggravate
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