How Long Does It Take for a Killdeer Egg to Hatch?


Killdeer eggs take about 24 to 28 days before they hatch. It takes between 18 to 36 hours for the chick to break out of the shell. A female killdeer lays four eggs and incubates them with average heat. Both the male and female take turns incubating them.
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24-26 days.
They are in the area somewhere with the mother. The mother will crouch down in the grass and spread her wings . The babies will hide under the wings. They are quite difficult to see
1. Set up the incubator in a moist, dark climate such as a well-ventilated basement. Eggs must be exposed to fresh air but should be protected against direct sunlight. 2. Place an
1. Find out where to source fertile eggs. Fertile eggs must be obtained from hatcheries or poultry farms which have roosters in their flock, if you do not breed your own chickens.
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