How Long Does It Take for a Mixed Baby's True Skin Color to Show?


I have mixed babies so I know what its like to not know the final color of your baby's skin. My children only got slightly darker than they were at birth. The doctors at the hospital told me to look at the baby's fingers and right around the nail bed where the skin is darker is the most likely color that your child will be. They were right with my two children so check it out on your baby!
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Heh sounds like you did the ear tip test and generally your baby will get darker and be the color the the tips of the ears. Your baby may never get darker. I have been asked when
Could be anything. I knew a black guy whose parents and grandparents were all totally white! Somewhere further back in his history there had been a black person whose skincolor had
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Typically when a baby who is 'mixed' is born their skin will be a lighter shade than what it will eventually be. Usually the pigmentation starts to come in within ...
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