How Long Does It Take for a Torn Tendon to Heal?


The length it takes for a torn tendon to heal depends on the tendon and the tear. If you tore your Achilles partially it will only take a few days to a few weeks. If you tore it all the way it can take up to a year to fully heal.
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1. Rest the tendon and the surrounding area, and make sure you're sleeping enough each night. Don't place stress on the affected area, particularly through repetitive motions. Exercise
Depends how serious the damage is, for example i had a tendon in my finger damaged by 80% and then 4 more (on other fingers) that completely snapped. I had to get surgery to repair
The only treatments for partial tendon tears are physical
Depends on which tendon and/or if it's completely torn. Complete tear needs surgery/graft. Partial tear should heal up in 3-6 months with rest, ice, heat. Maybe your a freak and will
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A tendon injury may take several weeks to a month to heal, depending on the severity.
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