How Long Does It Take for an African Dwarf Frog to Lay Eggs?


The African dwarf frog may take up to 30 minutes to lay its eggs while the male frog is fertilizing them. I've never seen it in person but I hear that it looks like they doing somersaults. You can find more information here:
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i think when one goes on top of the other and they reach out of the water. Im not sure but that is what i saw.
1. Prepare a 10-gallon tank with just water to a pH of 7.5 to 8.0. Add additional sodium bicarbonate to raise the pH level if necessary. 2. Watch for the female frog to lay eggs in
Frogs lay there eggs in water in the spring or when the weather starts turning warm. The water can be even a mud puddle, your swimming pool, lakes, rivers or creeks.
They may be from the female frog but they may not be viable. No male to fertilize them.
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The abdomen of the African Dwarf female frog will fill with eggs when they are ready to mate and while she is swimming, she will lay the eggs on the surface of ...
African Dwarf Frogs are a popular aquarium animal that many consider an adorable addition to any tank. When they lay eggs,these eggs will look like tiny sticky ...
The length of time that it takes for a frog egg to hatch after it has been fertilized varies greatly. That said, hatching will usually occur anywhere from 6-21 ...
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