How Long Does It Take for an Apple Tree to Produce Edible Fruit?


How long it takes for an apple tree to produce edible fruit really depends on the type of tree that you have planted. The average is between two to five years, with some trees taking as long as ten years.
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It takes an apple tree 2 to 5 years to produce
Most varieties of apple trees are self-unfruitful, which means that the trees need cross-pollination to bear fruit. Plant apple trees within 20 to 40 feet of pollinator trees of a
Diospyros virginiana produces persimmons.
If memory serves, you could see a little fruit in about three years, but if it is like other members of the apple family, don't expect much of a harvest before it is at least seven
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After planting an apple seed or pip, you can expect a sprout in about two or three weeks. However, generally apple trees will begin producing fruit when they are ...
An apple tree will start to bear fruit as young as three years. However, some of these trees will not start growing any fruit until they are five years old. ...
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