How Long Does It Take for an Ear Piercing to Close?


The amount of time it takes for an ear piercing to close depends on each person. Some can take weeks or months long. Some ear holes never close back up.
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1. Go to a professional body piercer's shop in your area. 2. Explain to the piercer that you would like your ears tapered. Tapering is a process that uses a sterile instrument called
To pierce ears you will need to make a small ink dot where you would like the piercing to go. Take a piercing gun and pierce the jewelry directly over the dot on the ear.
I got mine pierced when I was thirteen, wore earrings for about six years steadily, and not really since. However, my holes are still open at age 37. Very occasionally (like, once
Depends on your body, how old the piercing is, and what gauge it is. I've had mine done since I was 9, wore earrings for about 2 years then after that I rarely ever wear anything.
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Pierced ears, depending on how long they were pierced, can generally take about two to four weeks to close up completely, once you take the ear rings out. ...
In my experience, sometimes you can close up pierced ears just by taking out the jewelry. It depends on how long they have been pierced. Some holes will never ...
How long it will take for an earring hole to close will depend on how long the hole has been in the ear. A recent piercing, for example, may close within a week. ...
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