How Long Does It Take for Dark Spots on the Face to Fade Away?


According to dermatologist there isn't a set amount of time that it takes for dark spots to fade away. Every person is different. It really depends on what type of dark spots they are. Their are some medications that makes spots go away fast.
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You can fade dark spots by using over the counter fading cream. These creams have to be used regularly and indefinitely or the dark spots will return.
1. Oranges contain bleaching agents that can repair dark skin spots. Mash either an orange or a tomato with a fork in a bowl. Add about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of pure Aloe Vera gel or pulp
It depends on the scar. Treatment can include any
apply lemon juice twice a day, is slowly bleaches your skin : Source(s) my past.
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Typically, it should take only about thirty minutes. However, you can leave lemon juice on as long as you are comfortable for and even overnight! Just be sure ...
Using coconut oil to make dark spots go away or fade can take some time depending on the type of oil you are using also the conditional of your skin. Most people ...
How long it takes for coconut oil to make dark spots go away depends on the severity of the spot and sun exposure. In my opinion, most people will experience a ...
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