How Long Does It Take for K2 to Get out of Your System?


First off taking anything that is not required by a doctor you should be careful of. As for the Herb K2 it can last in your system for as much as 2 days. That is depending on how much of the herb you have consumed. If you take a lot of it, it will last longer.
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Well I take some oj and bleach yup put a tall glass of oj in the cup and add a cap of bleach to the oj and mix it up oh and it works of weed to it takes 4 hours to get out of your
Not Medical Advice: K2 generally stays in your system 3-7 days but it can be up to 30 days with heavy use.
Spice was not found but K2 herbs are undetctable
I don't think k2 even shows up because it's just synthetic THC. I don't know if its illegal in your state, but just go get a bag of piss from some 1st graders
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