How Long Does It Take for Lortab to Get out of Ur System?


The length of time that it takes for Lortab to leave your system can vary on a couple of things. It can depend on how much water or fluids you drink and it depends on whether you are fit or overweight and it depends on how long you have been taking the drug. The normal time frame however, could be anywhere from 72 hours to 1 week.
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It depends on your liver and kidneys since they are the major metabolizers of narcotics. For hydrocodone (Lortab), it usually takes 4 to 8 hours.
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Being Lortab is a narcotic, it could take several days to a month to
Codeine and morphine as well as hydrocodone will test positive for opiates. They are detectable in urine and blood for approx. 72 hours. Source(s): Pharmacist
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The length of time it takes for Lortab to leave your system varies. It depends on the wight and size of an individual and how much they are taking. It is estimated ...
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Lortab takes about 72 hours to remove itself from your system. This time frame is based on the body size of the person and the health of a person's liver. The ...
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