How Long Does It Take for Melanoma to Kill You?


There is no exact timeline for melanoma to kill you. Melanoma is a bad cancer of the skin to have. They can treat it with certain methods and hopefully a person will live a long life. You should ask a doctor for professional advice.
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melanoma kills on average 7,220 people a year and is increasing due to tans and deacresing due to cures.
The most well-described factor that predicts if the tumor has sprea...
Your wrong about the brain tumor. melanoma attacks one of the largest organs in the body.The skin. Yes it an organ. the small vanes reach into every cell and return that blood supply
In summer 2005/06, Bondi lifesavers delivered the message that melanoma kills and the importance of using sun protective measures that reduce one's risk of melanoma. Fourteen shirtless
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