How Long Does It Take for Refunds to Come from Univrsity of Phoenix?


Refunds usually get mailed out around the end of the semester you are supposed to be receiving the refund for. Try giving it two weeks after the end of the semester.
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That's your award per YEAR, so only half would be disbursed at this time. Make sure you save the refund money to pay for your next "block" at that overpriced for profit
You cannot `withdraw` already disbursed funds. If you were attending UOP and you withdraw, the school will calculate the amount of money that you have already earned (get to keep)
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The length of time from my experience with the University of Phoenix when it comes to refunds from loans could take a couple of weeks up to several months. ...
The amount of time that you would recieve a refund from the university of phoenix, would all depend on the amount of the refund, what kind it is and where you ...
In my experience it takes about 4 days for mail to come from Phoenix, Arizona to Goldsboro, NC. When you are calculating that, don't count Sunday or any holidays ...
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