How Long Does It Take for Summons and Complaint to Be Delivered after It Is Filed?


The time frame on how long a summons will be delivered after a complaint is filed is very largely dependent on the laws of your state and the laws of your local city as well. It will normally take 2 weeks.
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Tenants facing an eviction need to find legal help immediately. Low-cost legal help is available through legal clinics and community service agencies. Missing the deadline for answering
There is no "set" time when a summons and complaint will be served. The sheriff or marshall will delivery the summons and complaint at any time they are on shift. It is
It depends on the lawyer and how long it takes to gather your documents you need. Some lawyers may not take it especially if it is close to the sale. So I would call around to different
After you've successfully filed your complaint with the IC3, you'll receive an email with your complaint ID, a password for your case, and a link to your case file. When you use the
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The plantiff has to serve a summons & complaint after filing in Texas, within 120 days. Anyone who is not part of the lawsuit can serve the summons and complaint ...
If a debt collector files a lawsuit against you, a summons and complaint will be delivered to your home. The summons notifies you of the hearing date for the case ...
In the state of Kentucky a landlord must give a tenant 30 days notice prior to having a Summons and Complaint delivered to them. Once the tenant receives a Summons ...
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