How Long Does It Take for the Earth to Go Round the Sun Once?


The earth takes one year or 365 ¼ days to orbit or go around the sun completely. The earth rotates around the sun along a circular path that is known as the orbit. The moon also travels on a circular path, but this time around the earth, a process which takes 28 days.
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365 days.
It takes 365.256366 days = 1.0000175 yr for the Earth to make 1 round around the Sun. Source(s):
It theoraticlly depends how fast it is. E.G if it was going at a steady 100kms (62.5 miles) it would take 170 years. E.G if it was going at a steady 200kms (125 miles) it would take
A month to go around the sun in one month, but it would have to speed up a lot.
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It takes exactly 365 and a quarter days for the earth to orbit around the sun once. Normally, the extra quarter is the reason that we end up with a leap year once ...
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