How Long Does It Take for the Pill to Get out of Your System?


There is no specific time within which one returns to normal after quitting the pill. Some people may take hours, while others months to get pregnant. It is advisable to seek medical advice from a qualified professional.
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The effects of the pill take a number of days to leave a woman's system. The body's original cycle and rhythms return to normal within this period. However, in some cases, women have found that it takes a while for them to conceive after they have stopped taking the pill and for others, conception occurs immediately.
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The amount of time a drug or pill stays in your system depends on the drug, your size and the amount taken. A couple of good websites to check out is
Quinine users may experience pulmonary effects including breathing that is shallow or weak, according to Chest pain and other breathing problems have been reported by patients
i think it is called Infloima im pretty sure. at least ive heard.
Around a week or two. Its different depending on your current weight, dosage, exercise ect. http://www.betterhealththrunutri... Embed
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