How Long Does It Take for Wood to Rot?


The length of time it takes for wood to rot depends upon the type of wood and where it is located. Some woods, such as ceder or redwood, are naturally resistant to rot, and may last in the open for two or more years without any special treatment. Other types of wood, such as sycamore, decay within a year.
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1. Remove the piece of rotted wood. 2. Cover the area well with plastic in the event of rain or snow buildup. 3. Place the rotted wood in a warm, dry place. 4. Allow it to dry for
Rot-Resistant Woods. A few years ago, redwood was a big no-no for anyone who cared about the environment because venerable old-growth trees were laying down their lives to become
Wood usually rots because moisture in the wood promotes growth of mold, which breaks down the
This is highly dependent on the type of wood and the conditions it is exposed to. There is a wood in Costa Rica the locals call Manu that is used for fence posts on the ranches, and
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