How Long Does It Take Ice to Melt?


The length of time it will take for ice to melt depends on several factors. It will depend on the type of ice, how thick it is, the size of the ice, and the temperature it is placed in. An ice cube that is placed at room temperature will begin to melt immediately and can be fully melted within 5 to 10 minutes. A large glacier that is floating in the ocean can take years to melt in the proper conditions. Ice on the roadway that has salt poured on it will begin to melt immediately.
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Salt can, the little salt pieces you buy at the store can melt it if you put it on top of it.
Ice starts melting after 0 degrees Celsius.
Answer Ice melts when it becomes too warm for the molecules to stay together as a solid, which is when the temperature becomes warmer than 32 degrees F (or 0 degrees C).
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