How Long Does It Take Jupiter to Go around the Sun?


Jupiter is the fifth and the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is around 5.2 astronomical units away from the sun and takes about 11.86 years to complete one revolution around the sun.
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The length of one year (one revolution around the Sun) on Jupiter is 4331 days.
That is, a year on Jupiter takes about 11.9 times as long as a year on Earth.
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Well, it takes Jupiter almost 12 years to go around the sun once, or 4331.57 days, to be exact. With 24 hours in a day, we multiply 4331.57 by 24 and we get 103,957.57 hours.
At its closest, Jupiter 370 million miles (591 million km)
P^2 = a^3. It's Kepler's Third Law. P= period in years. a = semi major AU. They gave you 'a' Solve for P.
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It takes the planet Jupiter 4,332 Earth days to revolve around the sun. This works out to 11.86 Earth years. It takes this long because Jupiter only revolves at ...
Jupiter revolves or orbits around the sun once every 11.86 Earth years, or once every 4,330.6 Earth days. Jupiter travels at an average speed of 29,236 miles per ...
Jupiter' s orbit around the sun compared to Earth' time it takes to get around the sun is 11.86 Earth years for one full orbit around the sun for Jupiter. ...
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