How long does it take nicotine to leave your blood?


Nicotine from smoking cigarettes stays in the blood stream from 72 hours up to around 96 hours. It will take a bit longer for the cravings to smoke ends.
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Nicotine stays in the blood stream for 48 hours although it can show up in urine and blood for up to 7 days. It varies depending on how much you smoke.
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"Nicotine is a short-acting drug that is eliminated from the body relatively quickly (i.e., within a day or so). However, the effects of nicotene withdrawals can last up to weeks
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Nicotine is broken down about 97 different metabolites, ...
How long it takes to get nicotine out of your blood depends on how much you smoke. If you only smoke occasionally it will stay a few days, if you are a long term ...
It takes about 24 hours for nicotine to clear out of your blood. There are things you can do to help speed up the process but if left alone to run it's course, ...
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