How long does it take Saturn to orbit the sun?


Saturn orbits the sun in approximately 29.7 Earth years. It orbits the sun in an elliptical path, just as all of the planets in the solar system do.

Because Saturn is farther away from the sun than the Earth, its distance dramatically increases the amount of time required for Saturn to make a complete revolution around the sun. The revolution that Saturn makes around the Sun is in an elliptical shaped orbit. Saturn's orbit velocity is 21,562 miles per hour, just under one-third that of Earth. However, Saturn's rotational speed is more than twice as fast as Earth's: 0.44 Earth days elapse before Saturn rotates once.

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Gravity. although Jupiter and Saturn are the biggest planets in the solar system, the Sun dwarfs every single planet in the solar system, from Mercury to Pluto. the orbit is 1,429,400,000
Saturn orbits the sun in 9.69km/s. It takes 29.5 years for this
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The length of one year (one revolution around the Sun) on Saturn is 10,747 days.
That is, a year on Saturn takes about 29.4 times as long as a year on Earth.
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