How Long Does It Take to Become a Plumber?


To become a plumber in the UK you will need to have qualifications such as: city and Guilds (6089) NVQ Level 2 and 3 in Mechanical Engineering Services or the City and Guilds (6129) Technical Certificate Level 2 Basic Plumbing Skills and Level 3 Plumbing Studies. The NVQ's assesses your practical skills, and covers the technical certificates as well. Once you have built enough experience, you can choose to apply for additional qualifications, such as CORGI accreditation which allows you to display the 'CORGI registered' logo.
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Become a plumber by taking courses in math, science, and a shop class in high school. Most of the time, plumbers start out as apprentices in the local plumber's union. Look here for
1. Graduate with a high school diploma or complete your GED. While in school, you should focus on classes involving math, English, science and computers. Talk with your guidance counselor
1 Join a local plumbers' union. A union can provide a fast track to your ultimate goal of becoming a journeyman plumber. But because of the high demand for membership, they can be
You take a plumbing apprenticeship.
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