How Long Does It Take to Become an Engineer?


The time it takes to become an engineer varies from person to person depending upon what he or she wishes to do. Generally, a bachelor's degree in engineering is the bare minimum that is required. However, other requirements may be needed for more advanced, higher paying jobs. This includes obtaining a PE, or professional engineer, license. To get a PE license, job experience is required. Typically, four years of experience are needed. In addition to this, exams will also need to be passed to get the license. Generally speaking, becoming an engineer can take anywhere from four years up to eight or more years depending upon the job selected.
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1. Obtain your bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science. Some jobs may not require a degree but given the stiff competition in the industry, a B.A. or B.S. degree will
High school students interested in engineering should focus on a solid base in math and science subjects. Many future engineers with an eye on design take art and drafting classes
1. Practice your drawing and modeling skills constantly. Automotive design engineers must demonstrate a strong ability to draw designs two dimensionally before models are ever built
1. Add to your Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineering courses in wave propagation and electromagnetism, whether you just graduated or have been professionally active for a
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