How Long Does It Take to Burn 3500 Calories?


It is common knowledge that one gram of fat comprises 9 calories. Also one pound of fat contains 454 grams, therefore one pound of fat = (9 x 454) calories = 4086 calories, not 3,500 calories as it is often mistaken. None the less, given that one pound of fat is lost per week, that is 7days = 1 pound of fat, therefore 3,500 calories will be burnt in (7x3,500)/4086 = 5.996 days. Hence it takes approximately 6 days to burn 3,500 calories.
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1. Develop an overall healthy lifestyle plan that includes a well-rounded exercise routine and healthy diet. Trying to burn 3,500 calories a week by diet alone will leave you weak
All exercises will burn 3,500 calories. over time. Cardio exercise is excellent. Cardio can be such thing as brisk walking , jogging, running, trampolining cross-country skiing, etc
You could do 7 hours of High impact aerobics. Or run at 6mph for 5 hours. Or lift weights for 14.5 hours.
Assuming that you are around 150 pounds, you need to run 35 miles a day to acheive that. Which is not realistic. And it's not calories burned, anyway. It's muscle built. If you like
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