How long does it take to complete police academy?


In Philadelphia, Pa., police officers in training spend 30 weeks at the police academy. The length of time it takes to complete police academy likely varies from city to city.

Completing the police academy training course is one of the final steps in becoming a police officer. Preliminary steps include filling out an employment application and undergoing a series of physical, medical and psychological checks.

Since police officers need to be competent in a variety of specialized skills, the training at a police academy is very thorough. To illustrate, just a few of the courses offered by New York City's academy cover firearms proficiency, driver education and school safety.

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Check with the agency you are applying with. Some States require you go through their State academy. Other States is agency specific. The length will depend on the particular academy
To become a police officer, you must have at least a high school education. Some departments require a Bachelor's degree in law enforcement, criminal justice or a similar field. Bachelor's
Approximately six months, plus an optional pre-academy preparation program.
It can take up to 2 hours, if done correctly that is.
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