How Long Does It Take to Cook a Rotisserie Chicken?


On average, it takes 25-30 minutes per pound of meat to cook a rotisserie chicken. This is of course not including the preparation time that is required to clean and spice the whole chicken. It is also assumed that the temperature of the rotisserie oven will be set to roughly 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
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1. Prepare your whole chicken at least 24 hours ahead. Whole chicken must be completely defrosted and the cavity cleaned out. 2. Prepare your favorite marinade. If you are not familiar
until u finsh 2 hole boxes of pizza by yourself.
Super Easy Chicken Enchilada Casserole! My family's favorite! I don't really measure when I cook, so for everything just do what looks right :p. What you'll need: 1 8X12 casserole
Rick's answer would be great for a braise or other slow-cooking method, but it's incorrect for rotisserie chicken. In fact, the opposite is true. The goal with rotisserie chicken
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