How Long Does It Take to Digest Bread?


The length of time it takes to digest bread specifically is unknown. This is due to the fact that most all foods have the same amount of time needed for digestion. This average time has actually been reported as 53 hours for men and around 33 to 47 hours for women. This time is actually dependent on exactly what is being consumed. This also depends on individual gender and the age group in which they stand.
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its digested in the body to form simple sugars, i think. Starch or carbohydrate is quite incapable of absorption until it has been rendered soluble, and this is effected by the action
Whole wheat bread is digested slower than white, because of the complexity of the
Bread is digested when it goes through your digestion system. More specifically, the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small+ large intestines, and then out of your body. For more information
Anything with unprocessed cellulose is not going to digest at all. This hard to digest food includes all fibres, wheats, grains and cereals. Foods easy to digest are those high in
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The average time it takes for the body to digest food will vary depending on your sex. A male on average takes approximately 33 hours to digest food whereas a ...
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