How Long Does It Take to Digest Fruit?


The digestion time of fruit, assuming one is talking about the amount of time it takes for fruit to leave the stomach, is about 2.5 hours. The time it takes fruit to leave the body entirely is about 35-45 hours. This time also varies based on stress and other outside stimuli.
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first half of your day so you can burn the sugars during work or school.
Any kind of fruit or vegetable will digest within an hour. Bananas are
This is purely hearsay, but I've heard - from several different people - that it's good to eat acidic tropical fruits (e.g. kiwi and pineapples) after eating a meal with a lot of
eat fruits with high- fiber content.pears, apples, papaya, raspberries are good for u. even carrots, beans, broccoli, orange and grape fruit are also good for digestion.
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