How long does it take to drive from las vegas, nv to the grand canyon, az?


If you are driving from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, it will take approximately 4 hours 30 minutes and the distance would be about 277 miles. These numbers are based from the center point of each city.
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Las Vegas, NV is 214.75 miles from
It depends on the route you take, but the approximate driving distance is 280 road miles.
Your last question should be answered first because all else depends on it. At this time of year, i would not recommend a long hike around or into the canyon. The possibility of snow
Grand Canyon National Park to Las Vegas is 278 miles far. That's about 4 hours 51 mins travel by car.
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From Grand Canyon National Park in Supai, AZ to Las Vegas, Nevada is 278 miles. Driving time is just under 5 hours. If you drove mostly in a straight line from ...
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