How Long Does It Take to Flatten Your Stomach?


The amount of time taken to flatten the stomach will depend on a number of characteristics such as one's diet, the workout system and ones lifestyle. Working out for 45 minutes for about five days a week, would assist one to flatten it fast.
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1. Beginning slowly is important if you haven't worked out or exercised in a while. You do not want to hurt yourself by suddenly throwing yourself into exercise. Walking a few miles
Crunches work better than situps, although I have heard that they don't even work at all when flattening your stomach! My doctor recommended this to me, you should try it. It's very
People suggest that you eat high protein foods, load on water, eat loads of fiber(veggies,
Run everyday, on the tredmill or since its nice out, take a nice jog. you will feel great and eat healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables and will feel and look great
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