How Long Does It Take to Fly to Australia from UK?


The flight times from London to Australia are only average times, since the flight times can vary. This can depend on the route and any stop over’s which are made, either for refuelling or just to break the journey. The approximate time taken to fly from Australia i.e. Sydney to London UK is approximately 21 hours and 35 minutes.
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It depends on the flight and transit. If you go without stoping, it would be about 12-15 hours.
1. Decide on where your arrival airport will be. From the USA, there are only three possible arrival locations, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. With flying times that vary between
I checked on Skyscanner and it confirms, from non of the UK airports I found direct flights to non of the Australian airports. When you fly with one change, as usual for UK to Australia
You could try Emerchants in Australia as a starting point. Embed Quote
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Flight time to Australia from the UK depends on factors such as environmental conditions, area of Australia you are departing from and the route taken. On average and under the right conditions, a direct flight to Sydney from London would take 21 hours.
The amount of time a flight to Australia will take depends on the departure and destination city. For instance, the approximated flight period for a direct flight between Gatwick Airport in London and Canberra, Australia is approximately 19 hours, 15 minutes.
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